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10-20-07, 07:16 PM
YES, Zelda_fan is selling his DS, but it's not what it seems. I bought a new DS Lite along with Zelda Phantom Hourglass, and I realized there are a ton of DS games I have just sitting around collecting dust. I'll probably never play them again. I'm keeping some of the classics like Metroid and New Super Mario Bros, but I'm selling a lot.

I'd like to sell every thing together for a set price, but I'd be willing to part with stuff individually for $60 for the system and $20 per game (all prices include shipping).

Here's what I've got:

Original Nintendo DS (system + AC recharge cable)

Mario 64 DS
Castlevania DS
Magical Starsign (cool RPG)
Mario & Luigi Partners in Time (like Super Mario RPG for the SNES if anyone remembers that - it's a really good game)
Yoshi Touch & go
Advance Wars DS
Wario Ware Touched
Animal Crossing DS

I'll give you everything for $200 shipped. That's $20 less that if you bought it individually, and a hell of a lot cheaper than if you bought it from EBGames. Great kit if you are looking to get started with the DS.

The system is in perfect working condition and as you all know Nintendo's systems are rock solid. All games come in cases with manuals and are basically brand new. A few minor cosmetic notes for the DS: There are some very tiny scratches on the top (as you can see from the pic they really aren't a big deal). Other than that the system is in good condition.

**edit*** I used a cloth and cleaned the thing up a bit so other than the tiny scratches on the top, it's basically new.

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alright a lot of the stuff was sold

no DS, no wario ware, no advanced wars