View Full Version : Fastest 4GB RAM?

10-21-07, 01:21 AM
Hi folks,

Looks as though my X38 planned build will be getting DDR2 due to the high price of DDR3 when I consider that I must have atleast 4GB of RAM.

If I stick with DDR2, what is the fastest available ram that will give me a minimum of 4GB? I would prefer not to take up all four banks but I will should that prove faster than 2gbx2 type setup.

I see this dominator kit : 4GB DDR2 Corsair QUAD2X4096-8500C5DF 1066MHz 5-5-5-15 Dominator Airflow Fan (4x1GB)

Thanks muchly :)

10-21-07, 01:28 AM
G.Skill has 2 x 2GB modules 1000MHz at CL5

10-21-07, 01:42 AM
Nice one. Looks to do the same as the d dominators on less voltage and being only two sticks I have room to grow into the future. Thanks :)

10-21-07, 03:10 AM
If you want the fastest available then you gotta pay big bucks for it.

Mushkin Redline are insanely fast with very low latencies but your looking at DDR3 type prices for DDR2 memory :P

10-21-07, 03:20 AM
None of the Mushkin 4GB kits are available for purchase from the Mushkin website and there is no reseller for my country.