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10-21-07, 10:09 PM
If you're a combat flight simmer, check out this SimHQ preview of Digital Combat Simulations:

At E for All 2007:

10-22-07, 10:00 AM
Yeah its a shame that its a stand alone Heli sim only now. I was hoping for a LOMAC add-on that lets us use F-15s with the newer engine code and terrain.

I know for a fact that Eagle Dynamics is planning on an F-16 study sim after they finish the AH-64 and A-10 study sims. So going by their 9-month release schedule the earliest we will see a new fighter jet sim from Eagle Dynamics would be March 2010 :rolleyes:

Considering their DCS code is already archaic in comparison to modern graphics engines I'd say the entire plan to do add-on study sims after initial release is a pipe dream that will be abandoned as soon as the next decent flight sim hits the market and the LOMAC community goes completely dry.

10-22-07, 11:13 AM
I don't mind the decision to go stand-alone but I always liked helicopters and jets equally. I surely hope they will be able to improve the graphics side of their engine, especially the ground rendering since it's very important with low flying helicopters. The helicopters, jets and vehicles are very nicely done and look very impressive.

10-22-07, 11:44 AM
Been checking their forums every week or two, ill buy it when it releases, just not digital download this time. ive had to buy LockOn 1.12 from them twice.

Speaking of Combat flight sims, why arent there any good ones out lately? You would think with the hardware power we have now that they would kick ass with combat sims, but its been put on the back burner.

10-22-07, 11:30 PM
Acutally I'm glad that it has nothign to do with LOMAC now. I had enjoyed LOMAC up until ED started using Starforce as copy protection, at which pointed I stopped updating the game.

10-23-07, 09:02 AM
Yeah I'm not a fan of StarForce either. When they first released the Flaming Cliffs add-on I did the auto-activation route which caused my machine to freeze, which forced me to go thru the activation again. Problem was everytime I would attempt to activate it would still send a signal to StarForce saying I had activated. So by the time I tried manual activation I had burned all 10 of my activations :rw:

For those that follow LOMAC, it looks like DCS will be advanced flight models only which is one of the reasons its now a stand alone heli sim and the reason they announced they're making an A-10 add-on even though they already have an A-10 in LOMAC. The only airplane in LOMAC with AFM is the Su-25t that was added in Flaming Cliffs so all other basic flight model aircraft had to go.

Still looking forward to a new sim, but Tork is right, with the new hardware available its a damn shame no one has come out with a new combat flight sim in the last 3yrs.

Here's the latest and greatest to come down the pipeline:
Aircraft dynamics look good and the lighting effects well done. A harrier sim is always good fun. :)

10-23-07, 10:49 AM
Exactly why I think it's a shame that the SU-25T (or an improved version) isn't a part of DCS but I guess it would be impossible since they would have to make a deal with Ubisoft since they are the publisher of FC.

DSC seems to aim for even higher realism (if it's chosen by the user) than LOMAC/FC so I guess that could have been another decision against adding the SU-25T into DSC.