View Full Version : UT3 Ini or Config Settings

Mr Bigman
10-23-07, 02:24 PM
My friend Nickoline thinks that manually changing settings via config files or ini's could raise a red flag on gaming servers.

I don't think so cuz if your modifying graphics settings inside an ini or config file, that would be at the user level.

He thinks that even changing the level of Anisothrophy in the config could give the game at the server level the impression that your cheating.

The reason i bring this up is that the demo gives very little settings and i found some config files that you can modify by placing true vs false or 1 or 0 for the values of the rendering settings. I told him this cuz he says the demo looks like **** and he thought that changing these would raise a redflag on the gaming server.

10-23-07, 03:29 PM
modifying the ini files won't effect your ability to play on servers. The parts of the ini that affect the client are modified by the UI interface in just an easier way for the end user. The other parts that are for server settings won't get read when you try to connect, so it won't cause issues since it won't read those values. What could set off "Red Flags" is known files that shouldn't be in your game folder like a file called hack.u. It also does a check to make sure that you haven't modified game files.