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10-24-07, 12:35 PM
My heatware is under "nippyjun"


(please note that i only ship to the US)

Athlon 64 X2 4800+ socket AM2. OEM, chip only. Has run fine at 3000mhz. Windsor core, 2x1MB L2 cache. 2400mhz. $100 shipped obo.

Star Wars Battlefront II for PC. $15 shipped obo.

Little Miss Sunshine DVD. Has widescreen on one side and full screen on the other. $14 shipped obo.

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade Bill Gates Signature Edition. Brand new, Opened, unused. $210 shipped obo.

Laplink PCmover. Moves your program files and settings to a new computer. Includes the Laplink USB cable. $9 shipped obo.

D-Link Wireless G USB Adapter. DWL-G122. Opened, unused. UPC cut out. $30 shipped OBO.

Geforce 2 MX-400 AGP 64megs. $19 shipped OBO.

Vector AC/DC power converter. Model VEC004. 6 amp output. This is used to take a device that has a cigarette lighter plug and use it in the home. You plug the cigarette lighter plug into this and then this plugs into the wall. You can use it for a satellite radio for example so that you can use the radio in your house. $20 shipped obo.

Nip Tuck Season 1 DVD. $21 shipped. (season 2 sold)

HP Premium Glossy Photo Paper 4x6 inch. I have multiple boxes of 20. 3 boxes are 9mil and 2 boxes are 10mil. The boxes are a little wrinkled but the paper inside should be fine. $25 shipped for all 5 boxes OBO.

120mm fan grills: They are chrome. $2.25 shipped each. If you need more than one let me know as I have a bunch available and if you need more than one the price will be lower due to postage savings.

Thank you.

11-06-07, 11:11 AM
pm sent

11-07-07, 04:29 PM
if the other guy didnbt buy the chip I will . please and thank you