View Full Version : How long after release, to market for QX9650?

10-24-07, 01:30 PM
We hear the QX9650 will be "released" on 11/12/2007 but from your experience, how long does that translate to actually being available for purchase? Keep in mind this is one of those Extreme unlocked CPU's and I figure that means limited availability too. (I mean, will I actually be able to get my hands on one of these during the week of the 12th?)

10-25-07, 02:07 PM
Good to know, slaWter. I would certainly think these will be available immediately as well, but I was just curious what has typically been the "norm" for chips like these on release day. I've never tried getting a CPU on release day. A GPU, thats another story.

Patricia Agafie
06-10-10, 09:06 PM
I think it is out in the market right now.. it is a Extreme QX9650 the first 45 nm laso known as the Penryn.. It's one of the most awaited intel core 2 for CPUs. Like all the other computer users this is one of the most awaited of all products of intel.

06-10-10, 09:14 PM
Um... you know this thread is over3 yrs old, right?

Mr Bigman
06-10-10, 09:39 PM
Its these jhonny come latleys, they don't know better.

06-11-10, 09:12 AM
New Kid in Town

06-11-10, 09:21 AM
This has happened a lot in the last week. Vague posts in old threads. I thought they were spam bots, so I PMed one and asked them to respond to insure that they were indeed human.

I got a PM back - "I am human".

Soooo, I really don't know what's going on.

06-11-10, 12:36 PM
He was just doing the public service of letting everyone know this chip had already launched. :headexplode:

M2 Bodrum
06-11-10, 11:17 PM
yeah I think that it is out in the market for quit some time now.. But I don't know the price range for this product.. I tried using the net for an answer but failed to find one.. Can someone send me a price list of this item.. thank you in advance.

06-12-10, 12:51 AM
Q9650 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115130): $329.99 at newegg

First, it's really overpriced for what you get (an i7 750 or similar Phenom II X4 for around $200 will be on par if not better at stock) and second, they don't make the QX9650 anymore. That's been discontinued for quite a while.

06-12-10, 04:49 AM
Though the posts are old, the information are useful. I am currently making a lot of study regarding CPUs for my thesis. Your responses are all helpful. thanks.

herve leger
06-12-10, 06:25 AM
Whoa! I didn't know there's such an issue about QX9650 before. It was never overpriced since it really worked fast and there was no buffering at all. This QX9650 is most compatible with UN23V3 version.