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10-25-07, 07:46 PM
OCZ 4GB (2 x 2GB) PC2-6400C4 800MHz Reaper HPC Enhanced Bandwidth Edition Dual Channel DDR2


The Reaper HPC is an innovative patent-pending cooling solution developed by OCZ to effectively minimize heat produced by high-speed memory. As heat rises into the thermo-conductive copper heat pipe conduit, it is dissipated through the strategically-placed compact aluminum fin array. By guiding performance-robbing heat away from key memory components, the unique Reaper HPC design helps facilitate improved overclocking performance, while improving longevity and stability of the modules. This high-density 4GB kit is ideal for running any enthusiast or profession system at maximum performance. At 800MHz, the 4GB Edition runs at 4-4-4 latency timings and offers unprecedented stability on the latest AMD and Intel platforms. As a Vista up-grader, the PC2-6400 4GB dual channel kit will provide maximum memory bandwidth and deliver the best possible gaming and productivity on Vista systems. As part of OCZ’s line-up of premium memory, PC2-6400 modules are backed by a Lifetime Warranty and industry-leading technical support.
* The Reaper HPC series uses heat pipe technology to rapidly remove heat from the main body of the memory modules and conduct the thermal load to the extended radiator fin array. The addition of the extended fin array nearly doubles the total surface area available for heat dissipation while the heat pipes warrant near isothermicity throughout the entire design. The result is a doubling in effective heat dissipation at equal delta t or, in real systems, a significantly lower operating temperature of the memory modules.
**OCZ EVP (Extended Voltage Protection) is a feature that allows performance enthusiasts to use a VDIMM of 2.2V without invalidating their OCZ Lifetime Warranty.

- 800MHz DDR2
- CL 4-4-4-15 (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS)
- Patent-pending Reaper HPC Heatsink
- OCZ Lifetime Warranty
- 2.1 Volts
- 240 Pin DIMM
- OCZ Enhanced Latency Technology
- 2.2V EVP**

COST: £140


OCZ 4GB (2 x 2GB) PC2-6400C5 800MHz SLI-Ready Edition Low Latency Dual Channel DDR2


New OCZ PC2-6400 4GB kits are the world’s first 4GB NVIDIA nForce SLI Certified kits and are designed for ultimate gaming performance on NVIDIA nForce motherboards. The new OCZ PC2-6400 4GB SLI-Ready Series is equipped with NVIDIA Enhanced Performance Profiles (EPP) to optimize the modules’ gaming performance on nForce® SLI-based motherboards. Designed to deliver exceptional memory performance with the latest DX10 games OCZ exclusively has engineered select high-performance 4GB memory SLI kits with advanced SPD (Serial Presence Detect) settings to allow compatible motherboards to recognize and utilize the added information, ultimately increasing the performance potential of the entire platform. OCZ PC2-6400 4GB SLI-Ready memory modules are programmed to boot at 800MHz DDR2 with tight timings of 5-4-4. Only motherboards equipped with the custom-designed BIOS, such as those designed for NVIDIA nForce SLI MCPs, can detect the optimized SPD profiles and ensure the memory functions under the best possible conditions. The exclusive OCZ SPD specifications take out the guesswork and provide enthusiasts and gamers with significant overclocked performance with no manual adjustment or compatibility issues. Each OCZ SLI-Ready module comes equipped with an exclusive NVIDIA XTC heatspreaders for the most efficient heat dissipation and a look that stands out like its performance. Additionally, all SLI-Ready memory is backed with toll-free technical support, the exclusive EVP (Extended Voltage Protection) coverage, and an industry leading Lifetime Warranty. With the fusion of the sophisticated EPP memory specification, high-speed OCZ DDR2 architecture, the PC2-6400 4GB SLI kits are the ultimate breakthrough for advanced SLI platform gaming performance.

- 800MHz DDR2
- CL 5-4-4-15-2T (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS)
- SLI XTC* Heatspreader
- OCZ Lifetime Warranty
- 2.1 Volts
- 240 Pin DIMM
- OCZ Enhanced Latency Technology
- 2.2V EVP**

COST: £129.

10-25-07, 09:47 PM
Where are you buying the OCZ from?

10-25-07, 09:55 PM
Go with Reaper. I like the name of it. And the timing is better too.

And how much are they?

10-25-07, 10:58 PM
CAS 4 vs. CAS 5 for what is a trivial difference in price if you ask me. go for the CAS 4 ;)

10-25-07, 11:37 PM
[pErMan']CAS 4 vs. CAS 5 for what is a trivial difference in price if you ask me. go for the CAS 4 ;)

+1 might as well.

10-26-07, 09:08 AM
$20 is trivial?
i'm not cheap, but.. $20 for a < 1% performance increase is kinda a lot imo

put it toward another 100gb's on a hd...