View Full Version : HR-03 Plus with Spectrum Dual Fan Card.

10-26-07, 06:50 AM
Well guys i finally got annoyed with not having a sound card, i decided to try something! I turned the HR-03 Plus so the hestsink is above the card then took a vantec Spectrum Dual Fan Card and mounted that below the card, blowing on the underside of the board! ..... before my idle temps where 50c - 51c and max atitool load was 66c .... with my new setup i have a idle temp at the moment of 45c - 46c ... BUT the good new is the room is pretty warm, i have the central heating on.... i reckon in avarage room temps this card would idle maby 44c .... ill stress test with atitool and let you know the load temps.

The good new is i can now also fit a sound card back in there. :)


10-26-07, 07:06 AM
Well i just ran 3DMark06 .... its load was 52c ... it flickered to 53c every now and then but just for a second.

Before the GPU would at leats hit 61c - 62c.

10-26-07, 07:10 AM
I see you did what I already did. I got 41 idle and 49 load.

10-26-07, 07:12 AM
Nice temps, im happy with my temps when you take into account my overclock!

I reckon the temps will drop even lower when i get my antec 900. :)

10-26-07, 07:22 AM
I was right in those post of mine when I mention using a fan card and putting the heatsink on top. Your running one fan. I'm running two 80 mm fans. I got one more thing to try and if right it will frop 2c to 3c more.

10-26-07, 08:02 AM
Does anybody have any ideas as to what good safe GPU memory temps are?

10-26-07, 08:17 AM
I actually wouldent mind trying another dual fan card in place of the 92mm fan......