View Full Version : hi folks...problems selecting a graphics card.

10-26-07, 12:23 PM
I have a dell pc with a dual core prcessor etc. The problem is that dell use 300w power supplies, which ain't good. I've heard that a geforce 8600 gt would work with 300w though. I just wanted to find out what's what, there seems to be different 8600's also, i don't know which is which.


10-26-07, 12:59 PM
Which Dell model do you have exactly? We can find out which PSU you have and if you have any 6-pin power connectors for the card.

10-26-07, 01:03 PM
Why can't you just change the PSU? Upgrade it to a 500W supply or something. Or is there something about Dell that I dunno about?

10-26-07, 01:08 PM
AFAIK Dell have gotten away from their proprietary PSU connectors over the past few years, so upgrading it should be an option. I'd just be concerned about my warranty. Installing a graphics card should not void it, but I'd imagine a new PSU would.

Stable voltages are just as important as total wattage as well.

10-26-07, 01:16 PM
Oh ok, I'm guessing then that installing a new PSU would probably void it. How long is the warranty and how much of it do you have left? You'd have to weigh that option up. Alternatively, could you not get a Dell certified place to upgrade it for you therefore keeping the warranty?

10-26-07, 01:27 PM
Thanks. I have a dell Inspiron 530 viiv e4300

core 2 duo processor 18 ghz.
19" monitor
graphics is integrated and probably the worst one on this planet.

I called dell at their Indian call centre. The guy said it's difficult upgrading the power supply because it could mess up the motherboard etc. He did say a 8600 gt would work, but he would say that.

10-26-07, 01:44 PM
How would changing the PSU damage the MOBO? MOBO scale the watts they pull anyway. That just sounds like Dell being lazy. But I have also seen conflicting min system requirements for the 8600 gt: 300 watts min others say 325 watts min... not too sure. You'd have to check the homepage of the manufacturer of the model you go for.

I got 8800gtx and I'm having power issues, trust me its frustrating as hell. I've had the card for two weeks and haven't played one game yet.

10-26-07, 01:50 PM
Oh yeah it's frustrating alright. This pc came with a dell integrated card, i can't even play gangsters or far Cry lmao. If i had known anything about power supplies i would never have bought from dell in the first place.

You're right about conflicting reports, some say 300w is good, some say it ain't so good. Some are saying you can change a dell power supply, some say you can't. It would be easier getting a 360, but i've bought 2 new games and extra ram for the pc.

10-27-07, 01:17 AM
Hmmmm... well I'd look at getting the Dell PSU upgraded under warranty. Which manufacturer are you looking at when it comes to the 8600 gt?

10-27-07, 05:34 AM
The Nvidia Geforce.