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10-26-07, 05:20 PM
Okay not sure if any one can or will want to answer this but I have a question. In my current job we are setting up thin client stations for quick 15 minute internet access and access to the catalog database. This is for a Library if anyone is asking. Now I know in GPO you can restrict the terminal server logins to a timed session, how ever all it does it tell you 2 minutes before that the time is almost out.

Now mind you we are trying to go for is little cost as possible but we wanted some kind of countdown timer that would display at login and countdown to the end of their session. We also wanted it to start up fresh every time a user started his/her session. Anyone got any suggestions or ideas on how to go about doing this? I've tries several things including a couple of freeware products and some small scripts. Other than that I'm at a loss and could use some suggestion if anyone has them. Thanks!