View Full Version : best drivers for GF4mx ?

04-13-03, 01:36 PM
my dip**** roommate just paid 90 bucks for a mx instead of giving me 50 for my 8500 so i can get a 9700.
anyway, what are the best drivers for this thing ?
as for as image quality vs speed. seriously. AF has to be on. he may be a tard but i wont let even him play w/o AF.

04-13-03, 03:37 PM
yipes.... i dunno if the mx card is gonna like to have af on... but i suggest you go with the latest drivers from nvidia's site. 43.35... depending on what games your play and what resolution, you may or may not be able to use af

04-13-03, 03:47 PM
Speaking as someone who was using a Geforce4 MX while waiting for a certain graphics card to appear - you should count yourself lucky if the game is actually playable. If you can use AA and AF at playable speeds you show bow down and call it a miricle, even on the dated HL engine i had performance issues with AA/AF. But yes id go with the latest 43.xx drivers on NVIDIA's site.

04-13-03, 04:16 PM
Half-Life is the only game that's playable for me at 1024x768 and using some degree of FSAA and aniso. I play at 2xAA and 2x ansio (which is all my GF4 440 Go can handle).

At least in my driver control panel, my card is smart enough to know that 2x aniso is all it can do.

Anywho, get yourself the latest 43.xx drivers from NVIDIA. If those don't work for 'ya, get an older set, probably the 30.82 will do you well.

04-13-03, 04:37 PM
well, he has a pos 14" monitor right now. so 800x600 is it.
he isnt really a computer gamer by any means, but he does play sometimes. so he wont really notice things like we do, but i think AF is a must. dont much care about AA.

and i didnt want the newest drivers cuz of the quality hacks for the FX. will that affect the older cards ? or only the FX ?

04-13-03, 04:44 PM
These so called quality hacks only affect DX9, more importnatley wheather the card uses FP16 or 32 (or INT12 is it). Some say NVIDIA are forcing FP16 (or INT12) in 3dmark tests to get better performance. Is it true? I dont really care - if it is though id like NVIDIA to stop proving their point and give us back the image qualty. I dont really care if i get 3000/4000 3dmarks, but id like the proper IQ i paid for. It should have no effect on other cards.

04-13-03, 07:20 PM
ok then. i assume the newer drivers are easier to set things.
i put on 40.07 or something like that, and the AF only goes to 2x.
the control panel is complete ****. how illogical can u get.