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10-27-07, 04:01 PM
Would I greately benefit from adding second 8800GTX to my rig and run SLI under Vista X64 Edition in let's say Crysis, or maybe buying quad core Intel processor 2.4Ghz with 680i SLI motherboard which is about $500 just like video card. Everything else including 4GB of DDR2 i already have...and PSU is ready.

So would Crysis more benefit from second 8800GTX in SLI on the current rig (read below) or from quad core Intel processor with the rest of hardware (read below)?

10-27-07, 05:13 PM
well at this exact moment crysis isn't using SLI. (i believe that's what jakup said) so the quad would be the way to go. but i would hold off to see if SLI will help enough in this game when it's further optomized and better drivers are out. If it doesn't, then upgrade the rest of your system like you had said with the proc and mobo. then buy the new high-end card when it comes out. no sense in buying an outdated card when a new card, hopefully, is right around the corner. (knock on wood)

10-27-07, 05:28 PM

10-27-07, 05:44 PM
I have run SLI in two different machines. The first one was 2x BFG 7600 OC's and now with my current rig and tbh I just haven't felt that 2 cards was really that big of an advantage. Maybe some of you guys out there can really tweek your machines and get it really running good but I simply have not been able to. Not sure why tbh. Drivers, games and things that are not using SLI just makes it seem like a waste and more of a pain to deal with.

My new setup that I am going to build tonight will just run one BFG 8800GTX OC and leave it at that for now.

10-27-07, 05:46 PM
That what i will do. I will get Quad Core 2.4Ghz and i680SLI motherboard. 8800 will be replaced by new video cards anyway in a few months...

I will try to overclock my quad core up to 2.8, which would more then enough for me...