View Full Version : Nvidia SATA drivers in Vista?

10-27-07, 04:48 PM
Just a quick question, how many here actually use the nvidia sata drivers, and how many use the standard MS driver?

10-27-07, 05:34 PM
I use whatever is the newest. I believe I'm using the ones from MS update that are provided by Nvidia anyway.

10-27-07, 06:05 PM
i will switch back to ms standard driver i think.

few things that get on my nerves with nvidia driver

1) causes dvd burns inconsistand on sata
2) doesn't report S.M.A.R.T. info.

10-31-07, 08:12 AM
Well, I noticed a very pokey boot up when I used the MS drivers. With the nVidia driver from the 15.01 package, my boot time increased nearly 30 seconds...and that was the only change made. However, this is on an NForce-4 board.