View Full Version : Turtle Beach AK-R8 Vista 64bit

10-29-07, 06:45 AM
I recently purchased the AK-R8 and once installed discovered they don't work with Vista 64bit. Turtle Beach also states they have no intention on building a driver for the OS. They feel the 64bit Vista is not mainstreamed enough to justify the cost to build the driver (from their website). Anyways, they do work on Vista 32bit. I have 64bit Vista installed only because I have 4GB of ram and was thinking about installing Vista 32bit. I play late at night so a good headset with mic is needed. I'm hoping you folks could help me answer a few questions.

1. Will I see a difference between 3GB and 4GB

2. Is there another product besides the Turtle Beach AK-R8 (with USB support) that has full 5.1