View Full Version : Personal Cinema not working on GeForce4 Ti 4600

08-22-02, 07:21 AM
I bought this product wanting to use just the TV tuner box for the TV capabilities with my current
video card instead of the packaged **** GeForce 2 MX 400. I currently have a GeForce 4 Ti 4600.
Both cards have a VGA port (VIVO - video in, video out). I hook the TV tuner box up to my Ti 4600
and the TV tuner device doesn't get recognized. I put in the **** MX 400 and it all works fine
(except for the remote, I think I am missing a program for that that I didn't install yet).
Obviously you can see my problem, BOTH of these cards are nVidia chipset based so what the **** ya
Can anybody tell me how to get this Personal Cinema working with my Ti 4600 card (different drivers
somewhere, I have been all over the nVidia site looking for drivers and have tried what they have
only to find the same results as with the drivers that came with my package. If you can't tell me
how to get this working can anybody point me to a nVidia forum or some other forum that might have a
large population of good help? Is there something different about this MX 400 card that the Ti 4600
doesn't have (because I highly doubt that). They are now selling the Personal Cinema with the GeForce 4 Ti 4600 so what's going on?

Thanks for you help in advance,

08-25-02, 02:58 PM
...ok, if you can't answer that question, can you tell me where to get the Powermizer software for my GeForce 4 GO 440 for my laptop?


08-27-02, 04:03 PM
have you scanned for tv channels ?
you would not see TV in your device until you scan
channels in your Tv turner .. also you will need
a good external antena or cable signal conected to
your adapter..

08-27-02, 06:21 PM
yes, everything works great when I have the original card running in my system, the little green external cable box has a light that turns on when I plug it into the back of the video card. However, when I plug the green external cable box into my Ti 4600, the light does not turn on nor is the device recognized by the system.

09-07-02, 10:52 PM
still need help

02-08-03, 11:54 PM
Sorry if I'm digging this up... I wanted to do something like this as well... but the connection on your GeForce 2 is proprietary (it might be VIVO , might even function as VIVO, but it's for the Personal Cinema only...) You can't use the Personal Cinema with any other cards than what it comes with... I sent Nvidia like 20 emails on this... and why it wouldn't work, etc, etc ... the bastards replied like once, told me to talk to the manufacturers... but VisionTek decided to go ATi so I got screwed both ways. If you figured it out, indulge me, but I doubt it'll work. Try to vaildate the integrity of the actual connector... ie, check out the VIVO connection with a VIVO device... Peace.