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10-30-07, 01:45 PM
I've got a few choices for upgrades in order to get better performance in Crysis and the Witcher, probably until the next high end Nvidia card comes out. I'd be interested to see which you would suggest:

1. New 580 Watt Tagan easycon modular PSU (currently 420 watt Tagan) and Some AS5 and a new HSF to oc my E6600 beyond what I can get at the moment (3.0ghz with 55'C load).

2. Sell my GTS and buy a BFG GTX oc.

3. Upgrade my HDD from the current rubbish Maxtor Diamondmax plus 9 to a 150GB Raptor X.

4. Upgrade to vista and get another 2GB Ram.

They're all about the same amount of .

I can't decide which is best:headexplode:

10-30-07, 02:20 PM
5. Q6600

10-30-07, 02:55 PM
Really? From the reviews i've seen a E6600 isn't much slower than a quad, with oc i'd imagine it's next to nothing. I also thought most games arn't really optimised for quads yet.

10-30-07, 03:02 PM
It's faster. Apps run faster. Same clockspeed, 2 more cores.

Also, more and more games are going to be using 2+ cores. Such as Crysis.

My other advice would be to upgrade the GTS, but I would wait until we know what the next biig card is going to be.

10-30-07, 03:19 PM
The GTX if you can make sure your current PSU can handle it.

remember all games including Crysis are mainly GPU hungry.