View Full Version : Utorrent issue

11-01-07, 02:21 AM
My speed goes up to the 100K range for the DL and then it drops to 20's then it spikes up and it does it in such a way that its a constant pattern :headexplode: This really makes DLing hard. My routers firewall is on, my Visa firewall is on.

What gives?

and how do I monitor what is connecting to the net? I'd love to see a list of applications that are using my bandwith!

11-01-07, 02:03 PM
never mind I had some network issues where the router would drop the connection every 30 seconds :rolleyes:

11-01-07, 02:36 PM
have you forwarded your ports correctly and set a static IP?

11-01-07, 02:48 PM
I have a dynamic from verison. For some reason the router would keep losing the connection and reseting so I flashed it. For now its working well but who knows for how long I really hate this Linksys wrt54g router :(

11-01-07, 02:54 PM
thats not the same thing, go to options and speedguide and follow the instructions there to set up a static IP and port forwarding. It will help your download speeds tremendously.