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11-02-07, 02:49 AM
When playing FPS games, do you use high or low-sensitivity mouse setting?

11-02-07, 02:50 AM
In the middle , but i lean more towards high.

11-02-07, 02:58 AM
I rarely adjust the default in any game.

11-02-07, 02:59 AM
I use my 1600dpi mouse at 800 dpi, it's good enough for me.

11-02-07, 03:09 AM
I used to play on high sensitivity like 7 or more, but ever since i got my G5, ive been playing on high DPI levels and thus lowering the in-game sensitivity. Usually as low as 1 - 2 on most games and then jack the DPI level up. So yeah im considered low-sensitivity.

11-02-07, 03:37 AM
All depends on everyones mouse. So saying high or low setting has no effect.

The question is..do you want your character to turn fast or move slowly.

So in the scale of 1-10..(1 being slow, 10 being a aimbot)..i prefer 7-8

11-02-07, 03:41 AM
I prefer fast turning, in games for long range I'm at a bit of a disadvantage but I prefer getting in close and turning rapidly.

11-02-07, 04:38 AM
I'm low, but not HEAPS low. i have it set to 3.5 in css settings.

11-02-07, 05:08 AM
i got mine set to 6.66 in cs -.-

11-02-07, 08:52 AM
1 in cs c and full 4000dpi on mouse

11-02-07, 08:55 AM
im a low sensitivity person... i use 8.0 in CSS but in windows i have set it to no acceleration and mouse speed to 50%... the DPI is set to 800 on my G7... i typically use very low values in games... timeshift for ex im using 20% in game right now

11-02-07, 08:59 AM
I think its pretty obvious that 90% of the forum is high sensitivity, because they all whine like little baby girls every time someone talks good/bad about a console they like/don't like. :cry:


11-02-07, 09:01 AM
Depends which game I'm playing. I play fairly low sensitivity in games like CS:S which require very precise aiming but in a game like UT2K4 I play with a higher sensitivity so I can turn faster.

11-02-07, 09:07 AM
i set the DPI really high (1800-2000) and the sensitivy really low

averaging medium, make use of those extra DPIs!

11-02-07, 09:30 AM
I usually set my mouse fairly high for quicker reflexes and turning. However since I'm using a G5 I can just take it down a notch if I pick up a sniper. I don't use acceleration though, as it is hard to predict accurately where you'll end up from a twitch move.

11-02-07, 01:18 PM
Most of the time I have my mouse set to 1000dpi and have the sensitivity in games set "medium". I think I've been using 8 or 8.5 in source games. Its enough to turn all the way around with about 2 1\2 inches of movement but still slow enough to pop a 1-pixel head at 2048x1536. :D

For some games I drop the DPI down to 600 when sniping (if its too fast) or knock it up a notch when driving a vehicle or a tank (helps reduce the lag on a slow moving turret, but doesn't really make it move any faster).

I can manage as long as mouse acceleration isn't on though. I can't STAND that crap.

11-02-07, 01:21 PM
high for me, for example in ut2k4 i have mouse speed in logitech set to highest, acceleration off, and in game mouse sense at over 4.

11-02-07, 01:21 PM
2000dpi at low sensitivity here.

I can't control myself as well at high sensitivity. I like to be very very precise.
And if I'm playing well and know where the enemy is, I shouldn't have to do 180 degree twitches.

Although my philosophy has always been...
If I move the mouse from one end of the mousepad to the other end, I should do about a 225 degree turn.

11-02-07, 02:48 PM
High Sensitivity no accel, 1800 DPI on my copperhead mouse, 2000DPI 1000Hrz is too much for me.

11-02-07, 03:11 PM
high for me, for example in ut2k4 i have mouse speed in logitech set to highest, acceleration off, and in game mouse sense at over 4.

Holy crap. When I turn up my G5 I usually drop in game down to like 1.5.

11-02-07, 03:35 PM
If I set the mouse to 1600dpi and put sensitivity to maximum I can sometimes play using telekinesis

11-02-07, 04:01 PM
I use 7 sensitivity, 2000DPI with my copperhead, I like it fast.

11-02-07, 04:22 PM
I use 7 sensitivity, 2000DPI with my copperhead, I like it fast.

Exactly the same as my setup. After being used to high sens for so long I can't tolerate the mouse being too slow in games.

11-02-07, 06:55 PM
I almost always leave the game at default settings. Except any game where they make the X and Y speeds different, that's wrong on so many levels.

11-02-07, 07:06 PM
I have my settings at 15 on CSS and usually have high sensitivity settings because I prefer moving my mouse smaller distance for large actions on the screen.

It's just the way I play :)

On the Xbox also, I usually have really high sensitivity settings, on the Halo franchise, I always had max sensitivity.