View Full Version : Getting fan speed working with Rviatuner...help

11-02-07, 03:27 AM
I am trying to get my GX2 to run at 100% fan speed on 3D Mode but it wont apply, it seems to only like the 2d mode which sets it to 100%..but when i go into a game..it goes down...

Reason why i want to do this is because atm it seems to be heating up a bit and giving my issues..with the latest nvidia forceware drivers it seems each driver increase heat :/

Everytime i try to change the perfermance tab fan speed..it keeps going to 25%..

11-02-07, 03:52 AM
There are two places in Rivatuner that have fan speed adjustments. One works and the other doesn't. Which one are you trying?

11-02-07, 07:12 AM
I tried both. One was driver level, the other was using the low lvl setting. Which has only 1 option.

11-02-07, 08:14 PM

Still no luck. I am suing the beta 6