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11-03-07, 10:01 PM
So the story goes like this. I happily get the GTX. Then along came university. And my time got raped by work and stress. So GTX basically became useless to me after about a week of use because I have no time to play games anymore. (Ironically, the GTX was bought by my dad as a present for getting into university XD).

***IMPORTANT: The GTX comes with the stock cooler intact. I have never tinkered with the HR-03 Plus (I don't know WHAT my dad was thinking when he bought that for me) since I am too chicken to go about doing the installation. Too complicated and risky for me. Maybe the procedure might be simple for you video card gurus, but not for me. So I will NOT do the installation for you. Also, the card has never been overclocked (again I'm too chicken of damaging my card). The card is basically brand new, a week of use.

Asking price is $500CDN for all three items (without shipping if outside of Ontario, Canada). Will NOT consider selling items separately until I have received some offers for the full package (hope you understand).

P.S. I would greatly appreciate it if SOMEONE could explain to me in detail about how they manage to balance their time so that they can actually fit games into their lives (...lol)

11-03-07, 10:48 PM
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11-03-07, 10:52 PM
WHOOPS. sorry about that. Will do right away.

hmm, what do i have to do if this is my first time selling online? i have no ebay feedback or heatware, although i do have an ebay account...
can someone guide me as to how i would go about registering with MikeC?

and i will post up pictures of the 3 items later tonight for your assurances :)

11-03-07, 10:53 PM
Please register with MikeC, your thread will be closed until then.