View Full Version : Demo performance and image quality - 169.04 investigation

11-04-07, 12:02 PM

11-04-07, 12:38 PM
well i tried to change the exe and i think i might have gotten a bit smoother game play not sure though

11-04-07, 01:10 PM
I noticed this bug also but this workaround may fix the jittery mountains but what other nv optim. will it disable also? 7% decrease in performance to fix a bug is not good in crysis.

This could also be purposely done to increase performance on nvidia side. Either way bad news for us all.

11-04-07, 04:17 PM
7% is quite a handy jump, too bad the image quality sucks

11-05-07, 03:28 AM
Meh, the ATI cards still perform worse than Nvidia cards and the newer WHQL drivers aren't out yet.

Kinda funny how ATI has to point one little thing as if makes and breaks the comparisons. They still rate worse than the GT, GTX and Ultra in [H]'s realworld tests in Crysis. ATI will still be getting its ass kicked even after this bug is fixed. And we haven't even seen the new high-end part from NVIDIA, yet.

Keep grasping at straws, ATI. You ****ed up and you have no one else but yourself to blame.