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11-05-07, 12:04 AM
Alright well, Soon (by like Christmass-January) I will be upgrading Mobo, Memory, and Processor. I really got no idea about Mobo or RAM, but I know the new 45nm Intels are coming out on January 8th or so. My questions are:

How good are the 45nm compared to the ones out right now?
Other than processor, is there any word on any new Mobo-Ram coming out soon that I could get by christmass?
RAM Cas Latency, the higher the slower yes? Also, timings, the higher the slower, correct?

So for example:






How's that work? I don't really understand.

11-05-07, 12:41 AM
low good high bad and those prices are goofy

11-05-07, 02:08 AM
To keep it simple, the most important value in the CAS latency; the first value. The two middle ones, tRCD and tRP are also quite important, but slightly less so than CAS. These days they're all usually in line with one another. The final value, tRAS which I'm assuming is confusing you, is the least important. It is actually better when set to a higher value like 12. tRAS can actually should not be set lower than tRCD + CAS + 2 by definition. So that 4,4,3,5 ram there is listed as that for marketing purposes only, running it as such settings would not be ideal. However there's nothing wrong with that ram, you'd just want to set it to 4,4,3,12.

So to try and make that simple like it was supposed to be. Look at the first 3 numbers, if they're lower, it's better.

11-05-07, 02:35 AM
Definitely stick around for the 45nm chips. That's the time to get a quad if you have not yet already.

For motherboard, wait around to check out the newer X38 boards coming out soon.

For RAM, DDR2 is still your best bet. Viral did a nice job explaining everything (lower the better for the latencies), but keep in mind that the timings (both the frequency and the latencies) don't make that big of a difference, as RAM will basically have the least effect in system performance.
Here's an excellent comparison:

11-05-07, 01:49 PM
So the 2nd ram I linked (4-4-3-5) is better than the above one if set to 4-4-3-12?

And how do you change those?

11-05-07, 02:03 PM
SPD should tell your mobo what to use so you wouldn't need to change them but if they arnt set properly you just go into bios and change them in the memory configuration page.

But.. some chipsets do not work properly with certain timings...