View Full Version : really really LOOOONG windows xp boot-up!

11-07-07, 03:01 AM
ive had my lenovo t60 laptop for about a year now, and recently, its been really, really slow to start up. it takes at least 10 minutes (no kidding...10 freakin MINUTES) to start up and fully load all everything (including background services).

just about a month ago, it was behaving just fine. i havent added any new software except for itunes and the other software that came with my ipod

i installed a program called 'registry easy' to clear up my registry. turns out i had more than 2000 problems. i fixed them all, but it doesnt help much. shaves off no more than a minute. i even defragged my hard drive!

my question is whether this is a hard drive problem or if it simply that i have too much crap on my computer.

thanks for any help!

11-07-07, 05:19 AM
well with a lenovo you can restore it to its factory settings. i'd try that or just reformatting. see if that fixes it.

11-07-07, 05:50 AM
sounds like a HDD issue.

On my tablet pc it had some broken files.

You could see the file transfer go from 40mb/sec to 1.1mb/sec when it hit a bad block

11-07-07, 07:34 AM