View Full Version : 8800 Ultra Extreme had missing PCI_E power onboard

11-08-07, 08:51 AM
Hi, I recently bought an 8800 Ultra Extreme,

I had a low PSU (580W) and was advised to upgrade, so yesterday I bought a 650W Zephyr PSU + Gigabyte 3d Galaxy2 liquid cooling system.

I connected everything (including the 2 power 6 pin into the card) but in my motherboard I have a PCI_E (4 pin) power to be connected to that gives extra power to the card,

I have a Gigabyte M59-SLI-S5 mobo.

so it stayed up for about 4 hours yesterday, (testing games, and using the pc) without connecting that 4 pin power, I noticed lower FPS, but temps were more than fine..

Until now I realized the 4 pin power for the PCI_E onboard is not connected, so I connected it.

now the FPS is back to normal, temps are still very normal, but i'm worried there might be something damaged with the card?

I tested a few games and its fine, but i'm just worried. cus I have my 7950 GX2 artifacted, not sure why tho.

Right now temps are 66C idle 74C on load.

Please tell me that the card will be fine...


11-08-07, 09:59 AM
No it should be fine. On my old 7800GTX's if you didn't plug in the power plug it would still work, just in reduced power mode. It complained through the driver warning me about it. But it won't damage the card at all.

My bet is it was just in low power mode, hence the lower performance.