View Full Version : SLI help on 8800gt

11-11-07, 08:23 AM
Hey guys, I have a quick question about a problem I'm running into. My current system is a Athlon 4200+ (939) with 2 gigs of DDR 400. I'm using a MSI k8n diamond motherboard with the latest bios etc.

Here's the problem, I just bought 2x 8800gt's along with a 800watt BFG power supply. I install the cards, enable SLI..load up a game(Hellgate London), and while it runs, there are a bunch of blue horiztontal lines all over the place. Trying to troubleshoot the problem, I turned off SLI and the problem went away. The problem seems to only occur when SLI is turned on and running a 3d game, the game doesn't matter..its a bunch of blue vertical flashing lines that seem to appear in the backround. I also tried running in SLI mode with the side of the case off. Nothing is overclocked, so I'm "thinking" its a driver issue. The computer is a fresh install of windows XP.

I tried using each video card by itself, and I had no problems..it seems to be limited to soley SLI.

I've tried a few different drivers, latest WHQL driver, alongside the default driver that came with the cards. I have NOT tried the latest beta driver.

My monitor is good, I use a LCD TV Olevia...I've tested it using another computer and can confirm the monitor works without any hitches.

I'm a total SLI newb, maybe I'm missing something simple?

11-11-07, 08:47 AM
Fixed my own problem. In my BIOS, somehow the PCI-E graphics was set to secondary then primary. I switched it to primary, solved the problem.

I guess I just had to read my own post to figure the problem out! Thanks anywho:-D