View Full Version : Can I have 8800GTX SLI & 3x24" ?

11-11-07, 09:01 AM
Just wondering can I have 3x 24" TFT monitors connected up?

At the moment I have 2x24" (1xDell 2407wfp A04, 1x BenQ 24" HDMI one) connected up to my GTX.

Can I stick in another GTX to allow me to buy a 3rd 24" and allow me to have the crosshair in the middle of the screens rather than split.

3840x1200 is sweet, but 5760x1200 would be kick ass :D

I would try 1920x3600 as well :rofl.

Is this possible? The motherboard does full 2x16sli. Hopefully my pc should be able to cope with source games at this resolution.

Any problems with this idea?

here is a pic of current setup


11-11-07, 03:43 PM

the reason why i ask is that im gonna trade in my evga 680i for a abit ab9 quad gt board. ^_^ will keep if it if this will work (will need sli)