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11-12-07, 07:47 PM
I don't have much money for a new CPU right now, but if I were to buy faster RAM, would I be able to clock higher than I can now without having to make my timings looser? I can get up to 3.0GHz if I drop the speed of my RAM to DDR2 400 with loose timings, I don't know why that is. But if I get faster RAM, let's say...DDR2 1066, or maybe CL 4 or CL 3 RAM, would I clock way higher, or is it all on the CPU's potential it's self?

11-12-07, 09:16 PM
It depends on motherboard and processor itself. Don't think RAM do help, I learned tat...

My E6400 and motherboard, some people made it to 3.4Ghz, and some people make it over 3.0Ghz, and I can't. Even when I have a good RAM, I still can't. It all depends on processor. That's what I was told at ASUS forums.

11-12-07, 09:33 PM
I didn't know of any overclocking history about my motherboard. All I know is that the 3800+ is a great overclocker. I'm not too sure about my motherboard though.