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11-13-07, 11:12 AM
While looking for new stuff I could buy for my computer last night I came to this,


It's only the case with a Thermochill 120.3, but they pretty much built a whole comp to show how the Lian Li case works with water cooling.

My computer looks pretty much almost the same, except this one has a bunch of nice details etc. I was wondering if some of you guys could help me recognize some of the stuff that computer has.

The big box panel at the front telling the temperature, what is that?
The CD, is there one that looks like that or you can just buy the front thing of the CD to look like that?

They say in the description that they built some "stealth plates" to make some of the inner parts black, and also a nice Raptor HD window. Those don't sell right?

I was thinking of painting the inside of my case black because I don't like the silver color, but I don't know if that would make my case work on warmer temperatures or it wouldn't affect it at all.

And one last thing, the tubing, says its 1/2", meaning this one?


Or this one


I have some of 1/2" and some of the 3/8" (1/2") one, and I'm currently using the 3/8" in my case, the 1/2" on first link seems pretty thin, but in the computer pic it looks alot bigger than it seems.

Also how does a Fillport work? And what cable sleeves is he using?

Thank you.

11-13-07, 11:19 AM
I'm assuming by 1/2" they mean 1/2" inner diameter (ID). If you're going 1/2" ID I suggest using thinner walled tubing even if you have a big case. I'm using 1/2" ID 3/4" OD tubing in my Silverstone TJ-09 and getting it to bend the way you want without kinking was an exercise in frustration.

11-13-07, 11:27 AM
Also any idea where to buy the kind of Threaded to Barbed clear elbow he's using after the 2nd video card? I'd like one of those but only ones I can find are black and don't know if right measures.


If I'm using 1/2" ID tubing will that elbow work?


Also, for the CPU Water block, I know there is a IN and an OUT, but can you TURN the waterblock any way to make tubing easier? or do you have to put it so the IN and OUT are not upside down etc?