View Full Version : SimCity Societies: I told you so?

11-13-07, 11:20 AM

Those Maxis-faithful naysayers who crowed that Tilted Mill would sully their beloved series have sadly been proven right as the game suffers from many of the same complaints levelled at the studio's previous game, Caesar IV. But let me make my final point quite clear - Societies doesn't stumble just because "it isn't SimCity". Fresh takes on old concepts should always be welcome. It stumbles because it's a generally unsatisfying patchwork of a game, dragged down by inconsistent gameplay, outdated design and weirdly implemented ideas.
Even though Tilted Mill have some decent strategy game cred, I figured this would be worthless junk along the same vein of The Sims Expansion Pack #1,051. Just give us SimCity 5.

I know EuroGamers is a little tough at times, but I'd be surprised if this got another better than a 6.5 from any of the other "big" review sites.

I'll give a demo a try since I don't like to base my opinions solely on reviews, but I don't see this moving units the way The Sims does.

11-13-07, 01:00 PM
What a shame. I always look forward to these but this one looks like some sort of console SimCity. I think its glory days are over.