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11-14-07, 12:45 AM
Does rotating a CPU waterblock to make the tubing easier to connect do anything different? Like the "IN" and "OUT" upside down? Does it affect on anything?

Does anyone know where to get a Thermochill triple radiator grill? I keep checking www.performance-pcs.com but it's always "Out of stock".

I currently have 3 Yate Loons on the radiator taking the hot air out of the case, would it be better to put the 3 blowing air from outside on the Rad?

For anyone that has a Swiftech Micro Resevoir, what metal barbs did you buy to fit it? I bought 2 1/4" thread 1/2" ID Tubing for the rad, and I tried also another pair on the Resevoir but it doesn't fit.

For people that have the Thermochill 120.3, as you know it comes with this sponge like material thing that you normally stick between the Fans and the Radiator, I messed it up and sticked it between the case and the fans. Is there a way to buy another of this stuff? Or does putting it in either place makes no difference?

Anyone knows where to buy a Thread to Barb clear elbow to connect to a EK water block (1/4" I think) and to 1/2" ID Tubing? Been trying to look, found one site but it sells pack of 10. And other sites mostly got black ones.

Thank you