View Full Version : Laptop Fan Broken

11-16-07, 08:41 PM
So I got a Dell Inspiron B130, had it about 2 years and the fans gone out. I guess its the CPU fan theres only one. Its got a Intel Celeron M 1.4GHz. Never opened up a laptop but I built my computer.Where can I get another fan? What kind of fan? Or do I have to send it into Dell and have them do it.

11-16-07, 08:56 PM
Phone Dell's tech support line up. If the laptop's in warranty still, they'll be able to send out the new gubbins for you to fit yourself or with an engineer to fit it for you (depending on the warranty type), if not, ask to be put through to part sales who'll be able to sell you a new fan.

Tip, though - when you phone up, tell them the laptop is extremely hot, and that it burnt you. They might take a sympathetic shine to you.

11-16-07, 08:57 PM
Well, try and find out the diameter and RPM for the fan.

11-16-07, 10:40 PM
have you tried looking for a replacement fan on Ebay? That's the only place I can think of to look. On my Inspiron 8600, the CPU fan is accessible from the corner of the machine and can be replaced easily. Perhaps your laptop is the same way.

11-17-07, 06:04 PM
Its not under warranty. Probably just get through to part sales like dxx said and do it myself.

How much you think one goes for?