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11-17-07, 01:57 AM
Ok i'm hoping someone can help me..

Does anyone know of some image quality tweaks to gain a perfect image with the 8800GT?

right now i am going crazy with the crawling textures i'm experiencing in some of my games (Falcon 4.0: RV is the most noticible)..

my NVC settings are

AS 16X
AA Mode: Override
AA 16X (Not the 16Q)
AA transparency: SuperSampling
Conformant Texture Use Hardware
Negative LOD: Clamp
Texture Filter Quality: High Quality
Verticle Sync: On

with the above settings i am still getting a horrible "Crawling" sensation at 1920x1080..

i seem to also be experiencing "lines" (best way i can describe it) that seems to crawl around when looking at distance terrain or even the ****pit..

i upgraded from an X1900XTX and never really experienced anything like this on its high settings..

i was hoping to boost my image quality with an 8800GT (and the high AA is very nice)...

is there a tweak i am missing/ registry setting i can change to make the image perfect? (for lack of a better term)..

11-17-07, 09:42 AM
Those lines makes it sound like the game is using bilinear filtering or something.
Anisotropic Filtering should help there, and if you´re forcing it already it doesnt seem to work.
If the game has any filtering options, set the driver to "app control" on AF and try to raise the game setting instead.

There is a setting in the driver you can set to "High Quality", think it defaults to Quality.

11-17-07, 12:14 PM
I agree with jolle, your problem sounds like bilinear filtering. Antioscopic filtering will fix that right up, and your 8800gt should be able to handle it no problem.