View Full Version : 7950GX2 Motherboard Support

11-17-07, 11:23 AM
Hi. I am considering getting a single 7950GX2 cheap from a friend. Since I am a Linux user DX10 support is not important for me, hence why I am interested in it.

However, I have an ASUS P5B motherboard and am unsure if it is supported or not. While it is not an SLI board people do seem to have had some luck with it and there are other P65 boards listed on nVidias website.

Can anyone help me?

Regards, Freddie.

11-18-07, 02:09 AM
I had the 7950GX2 running in a P5B Deluxe and it worked well, but I did not test Linux. It should work fine with all newer boards, but it does not in all cases. The GX2 does not work correctly with my X38-DQ6. If you are looking for a hazle free system I would stay away from the GX2 and other actual or former high end components. There are just not enough of them in the market so nobody cares about your issues. I would buy a standard 7900GTX or a 8800GT.