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11-19-07, 03:45 PM
I thought that I had experienced just about every kind of failure possible, but this one is new to me. After moving the computer to a new location...about 4 feet away, it has started giving me such a variety of problems that every time that I begin to think that I have pinned down the problem, it would throw something new at me. I'm not going to confuse the issue by listing every wrinkle in this scenario, because I have just about come to the conclusion that either the motherboard or power supply is going south. However, just to give a taste of the problem, I have a mult-boot system, with 3 OS on separate harddrives. All 3 are being effected, but in different fashions. With MCE, everything was very sluggish, but did work to a degree...at least until the last reboot, when the progress bar on the logo screen locked up solid. The same happened with x64, but when booting to SuSe, on the first boot it reached desktop, but started whining about the time for the sys open wave to play, and everything locked up. I checked the sound card to make sure that it was seated and tried again. This time it booted bujt like with MCE the system is very sluggish.

I realize that I'm going to have to tear things apart, but before starting I have one question. I ran HD Tune on MCE a short while ago, and not surprisingly the numbers were very bad, but one thing caught my eye, was that the drive which is only ATA100, HD Tune claimed that it was connected at ATA133. In the past, I have found that HD Tune is fairly reliable, so if it is correct, how is that possible? Yes, the drive is a Maxtor, but it still should be either one way or the other.

11-20-07, 02:13 PM
As it turned out, I didn't have to tear things apart after all. When I noticed that the drives connected to my PCI controller had once again appearred in the BIOS screens, I knew where the culprit was. My controller is quite worthless, and I need to replace it. The question is what controller would be best? I need a controller with 2 internal SATA connectors and 1 external SATA and preferably 1 internal PATA connector. I want to spend between $50 and $100...any suggestions?

11-20-07, 02:16 PM
a new motherboard