View Full Version : FS: Vforce Vantage Pro Paintball mask

11-19-07, 11:55 PM
New, never before used. Comes with visor and user booklet. Black/Charcol w/ tint lens. MSRP is $50. Asking for $30.00. Only shipping to US via UPS (Perferrably CA) and I'll pay shipping. Paypal only. I don't have a Heatware or eBay but I'm registered with MikeC. I'll try to send it ASAP but I might have delays. My reasons for selling it is that when I bought it, my gun broke on me the day I was going to go play. I just ended up quitting all together because it was too expensive. I have a bunch of paintball equipment that's like new. The mask is the only thing that actually IS new. It needs a home. I'll will send it after I recieve the payment.

ProGrille: gets bounces without jawbone slap.
Low Target Profile for super tight close-up game advantage.
24-Hour Comfort Foam: play all day, play all night.
Crystal-Clear view: Thermo-Cured Anti-Fog + Anti-Scratch...never miss a shot!
Quick-Change Strap: close contact, high security, super-fast changes.
ProVisor: soft rubber forhead visor and bounce panel.
SafeLock: goof-proof lens/strap retention system.
Eyeglass Access design for maximum comfort.
Safety exceeds ASTM and CE Paintball standards


11-22-07, 03:51 AM