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11-21-07, 02:17 PM
Hello folks
I am a newbie seeking advice and learning from those more knowledgeable.

I am upgrading an older pc, equipped as follows:

Athalon 3000+
2GB DDR PC 32000
Biostar Motherboard Socket 754-AGP
450 watt PSU
currently has an
S3 Delta Chrome 128mb AGP graphics card (which I am updating)
Also updating sound from onboard sound.

My question surrounds the choice between the following 2 GeForce cards:

7800 GS-CO 256mb GDDR3 AGP Core clock 430MHz Memory clock 1300MHz or
7600 GT 512mB DDR2 AGP Core clock 580MHz Memory clock 800MHz

I'd like to know, and would be pleased if any of you could help me understand why one model is superior to the other, if at all.

They are identically priced, so I wish to eek out the most performance from this older computer for the cash spent.

Thank you in advance, and have a great Thanksgiving

11-21-07, 02:19 PM
I'd say the 7800 GS for the GDDR3 and faster memory speeds.

11-21-07, 04:03 PM
X1950 PRO / X1950 XT ,Both ATI cards are better than NVidias in their respective price brackets

You could just sell your DDR PC-3200 and build a new pci-e / Core2 system

11-21-07, 06:55 PM
If you have a oldr power supply you may need to up date it .Some of the older 450 watt power supplies did'nt have enough amps on the 12v rail.The 7800GS needs around 18 to 20amps on the 12 rail .The fastest agp card to get if you can find one is the X1950XT ,I think it requires around 22amps on the 12v rail but it is a lot faster then the 7800GS.But if I am not mistaken they made a 7950GT agp card too,I know XFX made a 7950GT AGP 512mb.But if it is between the two cards you are showing then the 7800GS would be the best card to get.Even tho it has less memory it will be way faster then a 7600 GT 512mB .

11-22-07, 12:53 PM
Thank you for your replies. It is nice when complete strangers lend a hand.

John, the PSU is a new 450 watt that is said to be compatible with either of the two NvIDIA cards mentioned; thanks for the heads up.

DRen and XDanger, Your replies are appreciated, but have no plans at this time to replace my PSU to accommodate the Radeon cards requirements, or rebuild from scratch; way too ambitious for me at the moment!!! ( I do however, plan to build a new media center pc next summer...When I do, it is not impossible that I may be yet again in need of sage advice!) :beer:

I have opted to go with the 7800 GS mentioned for about $100 USD. The system it is destined for is being used as an interim media center, attached to a Panasonic TH-42PX600U 42in plasma, Pioneer 7.1 Receiver, JBL towers L/R front, huge 3 way JBL center, and rears, two 10in powered subs primarily for some older air combat sims, music, slide shows, etc. Movies are awesome, so am looking forward to battling for air supremecy in the luxury of my LazyBoy

Thanks again, folks, and have a grand Week!