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11-21-07, 04:01 PM
Alighty, I am going to go SLI (8800 gt's) which means I need a new motherboard. I haven't been following mobos for quite some time so I am not up to date with them.

Which chip sets are the best? Is there a hybrid thats more reliable? I remember back when the 680i came out. There was a lot of problems. Are these problems gone now?

I will be overclocking of course.

I don't want the most expensive top of the line motherboard either. For example I have the Asus P5B vanilla. Not the Deluxe. And I overclock my E6600 to 3.6ghz fine (I would run it if I had better cooling, so I run it at 3.4ghz instead).

Currently I have an E6600 and DDR2 memory. Only going to be changing the motherboard.

So any advice on a motherboard, or even which chipsets are the best and I will do some research on it would be great.


11-21-07, 07:32 PM
680i LT