View Full Version : Please help: GA-73UM-S2H - unable to access internet

11-21-07, 05:29 PM
Just installed this board with the GeForce 7150/nForce 630i chipsets (and realtek 8211b network chip). Installed Vista and device manager shows missing driver for the ethernet network controller. Tried the gigabyte website, CD with vista drivers, updated chipset drivers and Realtek site but cannot find the drivers/answer. Anyone have ideas on where to get these drivers? Any other suggestions on getting connectivity?

11-21-07, 11:14 PM
I checked Realtek site but accorded to FAQ that RTL8211B is PHYceiver and driverless hardware device:

Q9: Why don't I find RTL8201x driver on the website?

RTL8201, RTL8201BL, RTL8201CL, RTL8201CP, RTL8201N and RTL8211B(L) are all PHYceiver. That is a driverless hardware device. Software driver are relative to Network controller ( MAC ) which is integrated into chipset in such case mostly. Please contact your mother board maker or chipset manufacturer to obtain proper driver support.

I found Nvidia has NIC driver for RTL8211B, you need to download nForce driver 16.08 for GeForce 7150/nForce 630i chipset here (http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_630i_610i_vista_16.08.html) and then extracted to a folder. After that, double click on ethernet network controller in device manager and click on driver tab, go to extracted nforce_winvista32_16.08_english_whql/ethernet folder to update driver.