View Full Version : Problem with Multiple Displays after 163.75, Unable to Clone,Dualview,etc

11-22-07, 03:41 PM
Hello guys, I hope someone can help me with this irritating problem that resulted from upgrading my drivers to 163.75.

After installing The Orange Box, steam prompted me to update my drivers and i did. Played the game no problem and everything worked.

That is, until i accessed the nvidia control panel's multiple display tab to clone my display from my crt onto my LCD tv as i always did with no problem before the driver upgrade. To my dismay, all I had was the option to view a Single display! All previous options for multiple displays i had were GONE eg; Clone/Dualview/etc

My TV is detected as Analog monitor, and i have no problems transferring my desktop onto it. However, i can only view one screen at any one time. Both my CRT and LCD is connected to the DVI-inputs on my 7950GX2 using a VGA cable fitted with a VGA-to-DVI converter.

Where did the previous options for multiple displays go?

I tried rolling back the driver to what it was previously (91.47 or something) but to no avail. The control panel remained void of any options for multiple display modes.

I also tried using driver cleaner to clear out the old driver completely before reinstalling 91.47 from scratch but no joy.

Why on earth is this 'upgrade' for my driver taking away features?

I anxiously need this problem to be fixed! Someone please help. Thanks in advance!

PS, i'm running winXP professional w/ SP2



11-22-07, 04:10 PM
I am also unable to 'extend my windows desktop' onto my TV(Analog Display) under Display Properties as windows help suggested i do. When i click apply, the boxes snap back to become unchecked.


Apparently my TV can be detected without a problem but nview just isn't allowing me to clone/dualview/etc for some reason. I have no clue whats going on. Can someone shed some light on this issue please?


02-02-08, 01:16 PM
I had this same exact problem, also after being prompted to install new drivers by Orange Box, in fact.

I actually reformatted my HD and reloaded windows only to realize I couldn't find the original drivers CD that came with my 8600 GT.

After two days of this nonsense, nothing working, I discovered that if I changed the color quality to a 16-bit depth, it would work. It just doesn't work in 32-bit color. Screw NVIDIA!

The only problem is that 16 bit color is totally lame, so you might want to look around for that driver CD if you're willing to give up Half Life.