View Full Version : Advent Rising -Antialiasing

Elvin Presler
11-22-07, 04:39 PM
I'm trying to play Advent Rising and it has no antialiasing settings in game, nothing I can find in the ini files and forcing it with the nvidia control panel either in global, specific profile, or both does nothing...and it looks horrid without it, being based on some version of the Unreal engine.

Anyone know a way to get it working? I don't want to use Rivatuner because I have never had it work to force AA when the normal control panel couldn't do it.

Also, why the hell doesn't "forcing" it in the control panel work? Are Nvidia's drivers just that weak/broken?

11-28-07, 08:01 AM
Its an unreal engine. In a lot of unreal engine based games AA has issues. try applying AA compability bits to the profile.

When i played the game 2 years ago, AA worked.