View Full Version : CS Source / SLI

11-22-07, 08:52 PM
No use right? It seems like the bar spends 95% of the time in almost 0-1% green -.-..wtf?

11-23-07, 01:05 PM
I play CSS @ 1920x1200 @ 16xSLIAA 16x AF and V-Sync on... :D

Works fine.

So whats the problem? With my single GTX I couldn't do 1920x1200 and 8xAA... For what it matters...

By the way: I sold my 7950GX2 for ****ty CSS performance last year, and I bought an X1900XTX back. The GX2 sucks @ CSS imho. Couldn't do V-Sync with it neither.

I have no problems with my 8800GT SLI @ CSS. Caqn do V-Sync too... I'll always run SLi from now if I can. It rocks.

11-23-07, 04:33 PM
Well i had sli bars enabled to watch if Witcher uses SLI properly, then played CS Source and noticed say the greens bars are not exactly filling up..so its like about 1-4% improvement in SLI.

Also i dont need Vsync i use CRT and game at 1280x960 ress with 4xAA.

Its not that SLI isn't enabled..its just that its not making good use of the second card..you could say its still running 1 GPU mode 99% of the time.

Driver 169.04, mostly play dust now.