View Full Version : Just Incase nobody knows about the NTune Update

11-23-07, 12:38 AM
It is'nt so much of the update I happy about ,everthing works the same except They fixed the fan control in Vista if you have SLI .I don't need RivaTuner no more ,the fan control actually works on both cards .You set it to what ever you what on 1 and then 2 ,in my case I set both at 100% and they both work in Vista 32bit ,I was trying to use RivaTuner but it will not set both fans with vista ,I could hear both of them speed up when I turned it to a 100% with the updated ntune ,But the main way I know they are working is my tempertures ,when I had RT set and after play NFSPS for a couple of hours I checked my temperture and GPU 1 was 75c and GPU 2 was 56c after uninstalling rivtuner and uninstalling the old Ntune ,I installed version and I set my fans on my 8800GTS one at a time ,GPU 1 to 100% and apply it and then set my GPU 2 to 100% and hit apply.Then I went back to playing NFSPS again and over a hour later I alt out of the game and checked my tempertures and GPU 1 was 58c and GPU 2 was 55c. I know this is not the right place ,but I thought some people might like to know ,if they don't already know.

11-23-07, 01:23 AM
:( Here I thought there was a new update out ;)

11-23-07, 09:08 AM
I am sorry ,I see it is september ,it was new to me and was the first time ,it set both of my fans on my 8800GTS and worked ,I just fineally loaded my copy of Vista Ultimate and it never worked right in XP ,It may have always worked in Vista ,I was just happy it worked since I could'nt get RivaTuner to work no more.But it want keep it after you reboot ,but it still works ,just have to set it each time you load windows,not that big of a deal ,at least now I can keep both of my GTS cool.