View Full Version : nvidia geforce 7100GS vs Linux

11-23-07, 03:26 PM
please if any one could tell me where i could find any linux driver for:
nvidia geforce 7100GS


11-23-07, 04:25 PM
Many distributions of Linux have the nVidia drivers available pre-compiled and packaged for easy install and management of the driver. It would probably be best to ask in your distro's own forums/chat rooms/email lists where to find such a package, but if you tell us your distro and version we might be able to help.

If your distro doesn't have pre-packaged drivers, go to nVidia.com and click on Download Drivers. It has a nice little install script that will compile and install the drivers for you. There are various components you will have to have installed first, such as a compiler, the kernel development files, etc... If you are new to Linux and are uncomfortable with the thought of compiling, then its probably best to try and find a distro specific package (or switch to a distro that has one).

11-27-07, 07:47 AM
What distro are you using?.. kernel version?..give us more info, please