View Full Version : Asus P5N32-E SLI PLUS has a bad bios update

11-25-07, 11:23 PM
If anyone else has this motherboard, and are experiencing random reboots, bsods, lock ups, etc. And running the 805 bios. Get rid of it.

I updated the bios soon after installing the new motherboard. And had nothing but problems. My bsod, I forget the exact error, was dealing with the page file or sorts. Trying to access stuff in the memory that wasn't there. Which could be caused by bad ram, bad vram, bad page file. I would get random reboots, or hard locks. Even black screens when I tried playing games, or movies. Programs like fire fox would just crash for no reason. I recently got the 8800 GT so I was thinking either the video card was faulty, or my ram somehow got damaged, or the motherboard was faulty. After testing my memory and video card and not finding any problems. I did some googling. It appears quite a few people where having problems with the 805. Some similar to mine, some not. But none the less, problems caused by the bios.

So I reverted back to the 801 bios and vola. Haven't had a single problem yet. And what I have read, overclocking is next to impossible with the 805. But 801 or lower, overclocking is a breeze. Which seems true. With the 805 I was hard pressed to boot to windows at 3.0ghz on my E6400. With the same settings, works fine so far with the 801. (I know it can do 3.6 with my old mobo).

In a nut shell, they seriously screwed something up in the 805 for me and many others. (I even read a post where one guys motherboard will not post after installing the 805).

Just a warning to anyone out there with this motherboard. It's not worth taking a chance updating the bios to 805.

11-26-07, 12:06 AM
True with 0805 i cant even get over 2.85Ghz with my Q6600, they screwed bios also on other asus mobos. Though when i flashed to 0801 my mobo didnt want to boot, it restarts automatically when sata hdds was detected, so i needed to take out battery for a few seconds and it was fine (cmos reset didnt helped), first time i experienced it i though flash screwed bios.

11-27-07, 11:35 AM
So how do I revert the BIOS?