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I thought they abandoned this project, but they seem to have released an update; Beta 2. It's WAY less buggy and the game is actually playable now. New maps, HUD, and there's actually an "ARMORY" where you can modify your class. Seems pretty spiffy for a game that's "Beta 2." I thought the game would be 1.2 but it says 2.0. Does anyone still play? I remember that when you would be a squad leader, you'd start off as a private...Squad leaders have to be Sergeants. They should have fire teams, that would be awesome..

Download Link: http://insmod.net/downloads

Changelog Link: http://forums.insmod.net/index.php?showtopic=13426

Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat Beta 2 Changelog:

Changes to the VGUI/HUD:
• Allegiance screen implemented: Selection screen (Team, Squad and Class, with 3D visualization of the player model and weapon selected).
• Armory screen implemented - now able to select multiple weapons for certain Classes and customize your character's appearance.
• New overhead map implemented - displays your Objectives and the position of your team mates.
• New HUD elements that will help you navigate to the Objectives.
• Objective HUD indicator - at a quick glance, shows the location and status of the objectives, as well as the position of your Squad Leader. It can also be turned off by default, and access it only when it's needed.

• New weapons: AKS-74U, M4 with Forward Pistol Grip, Al-Kadesiah, SKS.
• Certain classes now have multiple weapons to choose from in the Armory screen.
• M203 now reloads all the 40mm grenades on Marine's load-out.
• M249 skin/model updated.
• FNFAL has been renamed to L1A1, since it is a semi-automatic model.
• Movement speed with iron sights fixed.
• Aiming with all weapons has been fixed.
• Weapon: recoil, damage, POA, POI have all been tweaked.
• Fixed the bug where grenades sometimes didn't make sound after bouncing off objects
• A primed grenade will now explode if you die.
• Class load-out adjusted.
• Damage system has been improved.

New Features:
• Insurgency will now support third-party TK protection systems, and will come with one in the default installation.
• Re-Styling and re-skinning throughout the game.
• Commander promotion system. Commander is no longer a different class.
• You no longer have to hit the forward key before being able to sprint.
• New Class Added: Sergeant/Militant - With access to better weapons and equipment, this class will be good for experienced players that can turn the tide of the battle. Their loadout will allow them to lead a squad of 4 men to the frontline and provide them with cover fire and smoke screens. They will be able to choose between the M4A1 with vertical grip and the M4 with Aimpoint (USMC) and the AKS74U or L1A1 (Insurgents). There will be 4 Sergeants/Militants in every 16-players team.
• Fast Switching. You can use the number keys to change your weapon.
• New tips added to the map loading screens.
• Added 2 short Intro videos.

New Loadouts:
The objective of the new loadouts is to reflect realistic loadouts as much as possible while keeping gameplay interesting. Attention has been paid to all recommendations given by the INS community on "realistic loadouts" topics, especially from those of you with combat experience. Cooperation between classes will be basic to provide covering fire and smoke curtains, etc.

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I know, I just noticed :(. But mine is more informing without having to click the link :p.