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11-28-07, 09:48 AM
Just received my Zotac 8800GT the other day form ebuyer. It is not the AMP version but does say its clocked to 660 on the box. According to ATItool and NVtune mine is clocked at 700 and 1000 memory straight from the box. Anyone else seen this before with one of these cards?


11-30-07, 08:48 PM

gpuz same?

11-30-07, 11:22 PM
Bargain. Enjoy the card.

12-03-07, 06:01 AM
Just an update:

I have been in contact with zotac, several times due to language barriers, and they agree it shouldnt be set at that. They sent me new firmware. I tried to flash it with the firmware but it hung half way thru and obviously didnt work on reboot. Had to then flash blind back to the original firmware (which I had saved ,luckily). I am using riva tuner to clock back to what it should be for the moment. Read on another forum that the memory bus will die if clocked at 1000MHz for too long????. While it was at 700/1000 I ran atitool artifact tester and it was fine. I have also replaced the stock cooler and it now runs at a max of 47C when fully loaded (@700/1000).

Not sure whether to leave it at 660/900 or put it back to 700/1000. What do you guys think?


12-03-07, 07:08 AM
Should be OK at 700/1700/1000 with a better cooler. Just out of interest, which cooler did you fit. I'm looking to swap mine because anything over the standard clocks and I get problems over 80*C. Post some pics too if ya got some :D

12-03-07, 11:26 AM
Used the Accelero S1 with coolermaster Ram sinks. I used the ram sinks that came with it to cool the 9 power transistors (i think thats what they are). I fitted a fan to mine but to be honest it doesnt need it. Unfortunately I dont have any pics but here is a link http://www.overclock.net/nvidia-cooling/262169-8800gt-accelero-s1-fan-mod-lots.html to someone elses mod.


12-03-07, 01:38 PM
Cheers Skooby. That's a big-ass cooler, but it looks to work well :cool:

12-03-07, 01:57 PM
Accelero S1 looks good and its cheap.

Lots of reports of the sinks falling off though.

Did you have to install it slightly angled?

12-03-07, 03:40 PM
I didnt have to install it angled at all. Yes I had read the reports of the sinks falling off so I bought some thermal tape and didnt use the stuff that came with it. On hind sight I probably would have been better with some arctic silver alumina instead although my sinks appear to be staying on for the moment.