View Full Version : 7600GT and BF2 Problems

11-29-07, 06:40 PM
I just upgraded froma Ati X1300 to a 7600GT and BF2142 has never ran better but i ran into a problem when trying to play BF2. I cant get Antiailasing to work properly. Ati can go up to 6X ingame Antiailasing and Nvidia 4X is there some kind of mod i can download to make it go higher because the control panel Antiailasing has some issues where when I play BF2 for 10-20 min i get a HUGE wave of lag and all the jaggies appear.
Help Plz......:(

11-30-07, 03:23 AM
Why not just use 4xAA? Try a driver update.

11-30-07, 03:28 PM
4x aa makes no difference in the amount of jaggies. or maby that doesnt work either. also i have latest beta drivers installed i'll try latest final version drivers and see is that helps me out.
I'll keep ya posted