View Full Version : 100% CPU Usage when downloading...

11-30-07, 05:54 PM
mm not sure whats going on..but i am getting 100% cpu usage when eva i download a file or view some flash video..i have no idea how or why its doing it or where its coming from..not sure why its doing it either..

11-30-07, 06:07 PM

11-30-07, 06:24 PM
task manager will tell you what process it is...

11-30-07, 06:33 PM
Well yea it is Firefox, but at the sametime i try using IE..i get the same result. When eva a download is going through..CPU usage just sky rockets to 100%..Is very strange..i tried cleaning system/update..everything is clean and ok..i have no idea why its doing it..but it is really annoying as well..

My games dont seem to be effected, in terms of multiplayer pov.

11-30-07, 06:47 PM
I think i isolated the problem to Kerio Firewall. After i disable it, and download something..its fine, when it on..99-100% cpu usage...mm wonder why its doing that..i really like kerio :(

12-24-07, 02:43 PM
I bought Sunbelt Kerio 4.x a few years agoi and although it worked most of the time. Whenever restricting access to apps it always made them hang and got odd Memory/CPU usage and such... So now, I've been using old school Kerio 2.1.5 and have had zero problems since.

Also. Kerio 2.1.5 uses less resources than almost every other software firewall out there. Right now its using ~1.2MB RAM and 0-1% CPU