View Full Version : Keyboard problem? USB port problem?

12-01-07, 12:28 PM
I'm having an odd boot-up problem. Specs in sig (ram isn't OC'd atm).

When my system starts normally, here's basically the way it works;

Hit the power, system starts to boot-up.
After a couple of seconds the lights on my Saitek Eclipse 2 keyboard will come on.
The lights stay on for a while during POST and then shut off.
During the Win XP loading screen with the scrolling blue dots, at one point the dots will freeze for a second, the lights on the keyboard come on (I'm assuming this is when Windows is recognizing the keyboard), the blue dots start scrolling again, Windows loads normally and all is good.

Here's the problem I'm having - sometimes when I start the system, when I get to the point where the blue dots freeze for a second and the keyboard lights should come on, one of three things happen;

1) System will freeze at this point.
2) I will get a stop error. System_Check_Error
3) I will get a stop error. Machine_Check_Exception

If I reboot, the lights on the keyboard never come on during boot-up. I'll get the screen saying 'Windows didn't load properly last time', with the options of choosing Start Normally, Safe Mode, etc. But I can't use the arrow keys to select an option because the keyboard (or the mouse at this point. G5) isn't being recognized. It's stuck on the default of Start Normally, the timer runs down and Windows starts to boot-up, but I'm stuck with whichever of the three errors I listed showed up during the previous boot attempt.

In the past, I've unplugged and re-plugged in the keyboard and this fixed it. That isn't working anymore. But if I unplug the Saitek and plug in a PS2 keyboard, the system starts right up. After it starts up I can even hot-swap the PS2 keyboard for the Saitek and it works fine. The system will even boot-up normally a few more times but eventually the problem returns and I have to do the keyboard swap again.

I don't have another running system right now to test the Saitek keyboard with. What could the problem be? Bad keyboard? Bad USB ports? I tried all four on the mobo, same problem. Something wrong with Windows?

I was thinking the keyboard is bad, but why would it work OK after the hot-swap? And is a bad keyboard even capable of causing a stop error?

Thanks for any help/advice.