View Full Version : Trying to play very old game (Roller Coaster Tycoon)

12-01-07, 08:06 PM
I've got a 6800GS....obvious overkill for this game but I would like to play it again. The game loads fine but it is filled with artifacts....any ideas on how I can get this baby running?

12-02-07, 01:56 AM
What OS are you using? And what kind of artifacts are you getting?

EDIT: Also, make sure you get the latest patch:

12-02-07, 12:05 PM
OS is media center 2005, so basically xp

tried the patch

the artifacts are really bad...like i can barely make out the scenery

12-03-07, 12:05 AM
Try Thrillville07 if you can, another theme park building game, but in 3D, nice looking one.

12-03-07, 11:10 AM
Have you tried launching the game in compatibility mode? I believe it was designed for Win9x so it probably doesn't like MCE at all.

12-03-07, 03:49 PM
Which are you playing? RCT 1 & 2 are a simple 2D engine but 3 is full 3D.

12-05-07, 03:55 AM
after reading this topic I decided to get RCT3 and expansions and Im loving it!

with COD4 and CRYSIS and a miriad of other AAA titles out I decided to go a bit retro. It's a fun game (it has its bugs/flaws though)

I used to absolutely love Theme park, I remember playing it for hours on end. This is a fancy version of it and its great fun.

Gonna try Thrillville off the rails today too, they look very similar.